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House Cleaning Barnsbury

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House Cleaning Services Price
Regular Cleaningfrom £19
One Off Cleaningfrom £20
Spring, Deep Cleaningfrom £22
After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
Minimum 4hrs of Deep cleaning and 3hrs of Domestic cleaning

    house cleaningIf you want to take a break from your busy schedule and just dedicate your free time to things that are far more important that doing chores around your home, then you can always look for people who are professionals in the Barnsbury field and would come to your home and handle that job for you.

    Among those people you can stumble on to us. We are a company providing a high-end house cleaning service on a highly affordable price. If you make us your choice, our team is going to make sure that you are completely satisfied with that choice.

    When people contact us for our house cleaning service, we make sure to first introduce it to them and give them all of the details they need to know from the hiring to its completion. We also provide answers to any FAQ’s surrounding the Barnsbury area.

    This is done so to make sure that all clients are certain that they want our house cleaning service and also to avoid any incidents of people being confused and annoyed that they give their money for something that they don’t want.

    Benefits booking our company:

    Bedroom and living areas

    • Clean carpets and upholstery
    • Vacuum and mop floor
    • Wash and polish windows from inside and outside
    • Clean sills, ledges and skirtboards
    • Dust picture frames and curtain rails
    • Remove cobwebs, including behind furniture


    • Kitchen cabinets cleaned from inside/outside
    • Remove food deposits and grime from appliances
    • Sanitize the sink and tap
    • Scrub the floor an wall tiles

    Bathroom and Toilet

    • Scrub and disinfect tiles and grouting
    • Descale toilets
    • Clean and polish sink, taps and shower head
    • Sanitize bathtub and shower area

    After hiring our service, we notify our team who make it a priority to follow the schedule that the client has made. The schedule covers all seven days of the week and the client can select whatever day they would like for a cleaner to come around their home and get the job done.

    When a cleaner arrives they get to work right away. Their job is basically to follow a regular list of chores. The only difference is that they are doing it a whole lot better and a lot faster than any other person. They are professionals in the Barnsbury field after all.

    When they get to work, they tend to first start off with the simple tasks so to get them out of the way and later proceed with the more complicated ones.

    So first they will collect and take out all of the rubbish, vacuum and tidy up. The they will clean up all the floors, clean up the entire kitchen and clean up and sanitize the bathroom.

    Thank you for sending your cleaners yesterday. They did a great job and I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t achieve such a magnificent result on my own. My home looks great again. I will certainly recommend you to other people and use your services again.

    I am really glad I booked with this company. Thanks to their cleaners, my home looks great again. The fellows were well-mannered and friendly as well as diligent and comprehensive. After their performance, every area of the house was in excellent condition.