Kensal Green House Cleaning NW10

House Cleaning Kensal Green

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House Cleaning Services Price
Regular Cleaningfrom £16
One Off Cleaningfrom £16
Spring, Deep Cleaningfrom £18
After Builders Cleaningfrom £18
Minimum 4hrs of Deep cleaning and 3hrs of Domestic cleaning

    house cleaningA few times a year, we go ahead and thoroughly clean up our homes. It is like a taking a deep breath of fresh air and enjoying the brightness and lifted weight from your entire home.

    Our company is providing house cleaning services, an opportunity for people to carry on with their day and have loads of free time, while a professional team in the Kensal Green filed takes care of the job for them.

    When someone calls us, we start off by introducing them to the service, making sure to provide all of the details of the service without missing a single bit of information.

    Next, if the caller has any questions surrounding the Kensal Green area, we can provide them with the answer that they need.

    We want to make sure that all of our clients know what they are hiring and paying for. We make it a priority to make sure to avoid all mistakes of clients being confused or unsure about something that they have paid for.

    Benefits booking our company:

    Bedroom and living areas

    • Clean carpets and upholstery
    • Vacuum and mop floor
    • Wash and polish windows from inside and outside
    • Clean sills, ledges and skirtboards
    • Dust picture frames and curtain rails
    • Remove cobwebs, including behind furniture


    • Kitchen cabinets cleaned from inside/outside
    • Remove food deposits and grime from appliances
    • Sanitize the sink and tap
    • Scrub the floor an wall tiles

    Bathroom and Toilet

    • Scrub and disinfect tiles and grouting
    • Descale toilets
    • Clean and polish sink, taps and shower head
    • Sanitize bathtub and shower area

    When the caller goes on to hiring the house cleaning service, they make an appointment which we forward to our cleaners who proceed to following through and make sure to arrive at the client’s home right on time.

    Upon their arrive, the cleaning team expects for the client to be home at the appointed hour as well. If the is no one home, our team will have no other choice but to turn around and leave.

    After the cleaners are in the client’s home, they will get to work right away. First they will start off with doing simple tasks, like collecting all of the rubbish and throwing it out. Next up is cleaning up dust and vacuuming of the entire home including all of the furnitures’ upholstery. After that they would tidy up and so on.

    When that is done, they will continue with more complicated tasks which include washing and mopping up all floors, cleaning the entirety of the kitchen including the inside of cupboards and appliances, and cleaning up windows, again inside and out.

    If I had to choose a company for a house cleaning service, I would go for this one, and I did. I hired them, the people came on time, start work really fast and for not even two hours were done, and the results were absolutely gorgeous. This is a service I will come back to again.

    That’s it, I have found the right company. From now on I will only use these people’s house cleaning service and it was awesome. They came on time, got to work and before I know it, they were ready. I couldn’t believe that my own home could be this clean.