Professional Cleaning Hampstead NW3

professional cleaning services 4If you ever get sick to the back teeth of frantically scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting, know that you can always count on our company to take your place in the cleaning duties. We offer a range of professional cleaning services which are designed to cover any of your needs concerning the cleaning.

Our company is based in the territory of Hampstead and we can visit you at a time matching your preferable time table. We can be booked seven days of the week, including bank holidays and weekends. Do not hesitate any more and let us provide you with a service you will appreciate.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Price
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Flatfrom £145
Two Bedroom Flatfrom £165
Three Bedroom Flatfrom £189
Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Price
Landing Carpetfrom £4
Bedroom Carpetfrom £23
Livingroom Carpetfrom £25
Sofa - Two Seatfrom £30
Sofa - Three Seatfrom £45
Upholstered Armchairfrom £18
Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning £55.
House Cleaning Services Price
Regular Cleaningfrom £19
One Off Cleaningfrom £20
Spring, Deep Cleaningfrom £22
After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
Minimum 4hrs of Deep cleaning and 3hrs of Domestic cleaning.

    Professional Cleaning Hampstead

    professional cleaning services 3Do you feel entrapped in a quicksand of housework?! Relax and don’t make another move if you don’t want to sink further! Hold on for just a little while! Our professional cleaning company based in Hampstead is on its way to your home fully trained and equipped for a rescue operation!

    We will sanitize and put in order any part of your property or the whole of it at any time of your convenience. Contact us to put forward your requirements so we can advice you on the cleaning plan that would be most suitable for your household. We have affordable prices for both single and regular arrangements.

    Professional Cleaning Services in NW3

    professional cleaning services 2Anytime you are looking for an effortless way to achieve the most wonderful and presentable look for your home or office, do not think twice to turn to our company. We are willing to deliver the professional cleaning service you are in need of in order to remove all signs of bad smells, specks of grime and bits of dust. We are more than sure that you will not be disappointed.

    We are based in Hampstead and we are waiting for you to contact us. After you have your appointment made, we will send our best cleaners to take care of the cleaning tasks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What gives you an edge?

    • We have various cleaning plans to catch the eye of every customer with interesting offers on competitive prices. For a professional cleaning provider, we come extremely light on the pocket.

      At your disposal is a extensive list of target-oriented services that can be combined in a customized package suitable precisely for your budget. Each service has an individual price so you can easily make a quick estimation yourself of the cleaning plan most convenient for you. At any rate, don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance when making your choice. With years of experience behind our back, we have an idea about what you and your home might need.

    Do I have to make a cleaning plan myself?

    • Most of the time customers contact us without any preliminary plan. They just need professional help with the housework as soon as possible. Sometimes they decide to leave everything at our discretion. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have any vision, we’ll advice you on a package of services suitable for your household needs.

      There are ready-made general offers available for you but a tailored cleaning plan is also possible. We’ll take into consideration the condition of your property and any of your specific requirements in order to make sure we give you just the solution to your house cleaning problems you need.

    How long does it usually take to get the work done?

    • Overall, it depend on a variety of factors such as the size and condition of your property but also on the cleaning plan you choose. We’ll take note of your schedule specifications at all times no matter if you’ve made a request for a short-term or long-term service.

      Indeed, we are expeditious, but we’re also extremely perfectionistic. Make sure that you can spare at least two hours of your time at the arranged date and time. In order to deliver you the immaculate results you’re expecting, we need to have the physical time available to finish our job according to your requirements.

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    If you want to keep up with the domestic chores but you cannot seem to spare time to do them in the way you want to, do not hesitate to book any of our professional cleaning services. We are sure that you will find our assistance to be very reliable and efficient.

    Thanks to our diligent and qualified cleaners, you need to know that the end results will simply amaze you. Even though we never compromise on quality, our professional cleaning services come at very reasonable rates. You can find us in Hampstead seven days of the week.

    professional cleaning servicesConfession is good for the soul! Pray tell why are you torturing yourself with all that housework all alone? Dial the number of our professional cleaning company operating in Hampstead and take your ease!

    You don’t need to say it twice! You will get an immediate response any time you decide to make a request for our services. We will send you some of our invaluable specialists at once to get to the tasks of your choice. They can stay as long as their help is need in order to straighten your whole house or any area of your liking. We offer you reasonable prices and an insurance guarantee.

    professional cleaning services 1What a wonderful day to turn the page and start a new life! Why not even write a whole new book?! Choose our professional cleaning company located in Hampstead to help you in the endeavor!

    We have helped many people through the years to write their own life story. You can be one of them too! Let us give you the clean home of your dreams! Make the time to contact us and take advantage of the rich variety of cleaning plans we have for you on budget-friendly prices. We will carry out our duties to the highest of standards for a time span of your choice.

    At our Hampstead company, we have stood in your shoes and we know how monotonous the daily routine can become. This is why we aim at making your life a little easier and more enjoyable. We have designed our professional cleaning services in a way to be beneficial to all of those people who find it hard to be on top of the cleaning duties whether it be because of lack of time, energy or motivation.

    Get in touch with us and we will consult you on which professional cleaning service is the most appropriate for you, placing importance on your budget, requirements and priorities.

    Are you on a quest of professional cleaning service? Look no more. What we suggest is you turn to our company and benefit from our professional cleaning services. With us, the outcome is always satisfying. We have been around Hampstead for a considerable amount of years already and during this time we have never met a single failure. We always work hard to reach goals and our customers’ satisfaction has always been our main priority. A great number of regular customers enjoy our professional cleaning services and the outcome of our performance. To see for yourself, do not hesitate to establish a contact with our call centre representatives.

    In case you have some specific requirements, we will gladly take them into a consideration. Our teams of housekeepers can take the best care of your home or office, without you having to spend a fortune. Our professional cleaning services come at reasonable rates and will not go harsh on you wallet. Another plus is that you do not have to pay through your nose for a cleaning detergents because we bring our own. Our equipment is composed of environmentally friendly but efficient supplies. You can book us from anywhere in Hampstead.