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House Cleaning Vauxhall

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House Cleaning Services Price
Regular Cleaningfrom £19
One Off Cleaningfrom £20
Spring, Deep Cleaningfrom £22
After Builders Cleaningfrom £23
Minimum 4hrs of Deep cleaning and 3hrs of Domestic cleaning

    house cleaningSearching for a service that would give you ideal results. You can put your faith in us. Our house cleaning service has been the choice to hundreds of people who haven’t got any complains from us and were nothing less than exceptionally pleased with the job our cleaners do.

    The people which we would provide you with are have significant experience in the Vauxhall industry and on top of that, we have trained them on a professional level to perform with high expectations.

    When you are ready, all you have to do is give us a call and our work begins. We will make sure to introduce you to our house cleaning service and explain to you how it works from start to the finish. We do this so that you are sure weather or not you want to hire us.

    If you have any questions, don’t hold back on asking because we have all the answers surrounding the Vauxhall area that you need. We really want to make sure that our clients don’t end up paying for something that they don’t want. Check our rates.

    Benefits booking our company:

    Bedroom and living areas

    • Clean carpets and upholstery
    • Vacuum and mop floor
    • Wash and polish windows from inside and outside
    • Clean sills, ledges and skirtboards
    • Dust picture frames and curtain rails
    • Remove cobwebs, including behind furniture


    • Kitchen cabinets cleaned from inside/outside
    • Remove food deposits and grime from appliances
    • Sanitize the sink and tap
    • Scrub the floor an wall tiles

    Bathroom and Toilet

    • Scrub and disinfect tiles and grouting
    • Descale toilets
    • Clean and polish sink, taps and shower head
    • Sanitize bathtub and shower area

    When and if you decide to hire us, you will have to make a schedule for when we can arrive to your home. You can pick any day and as many days as you like from the week. We are going to follow this schedule and always be at your home on time.

    Once we arrive, we get to work right away. There is no dilly-dallying when there is cleaning to be done. We take care of all the tasks on your regular list of chores without breaking a sweat.

    Starting off first with more lighter tasks like vacuuming, cleaning up dust, taking out the rubbish, tidying up and later moving on to more complicated tasks like washing windows, mopping and washing floors, cleaning furniture and so on…

    All the products that we use have been picked out as the best and most appropriate choice in the Vauxhall market. They are completely Eco friendly, healthy and safe. We don’t expose ourselves, our clients or any of our employees to health hazards.

    If you’re wondering if the professional cleaning firms are as good as they’re said to be, well .. they’re not .. they are even better. I couldn’t recognize my house. I want to get home from work like this every day – everything was tidy and I can’t afford wanting more from these people.

    I wonder how to organize my time in order to manage cleaning my house, but there’s nothing else for me to do unless using a professional help. It’s actually the best decision I can make. It’s so convenient and it happens extremely fast. I recommend to all of you who haven’t used this method yet not to wait anymore!